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79 Poems of Mainly Nonsenseness


So you want poetry do you? Good, because there’s lots in this book. In fact, there are 79 poems and they are mainly claptrap, poppycock, trumpery and piffle, which is why it’s called ’79 Poems of Mainly Nonsenseness’. Why else would it have such a stupid title? Anyway, the poems cover all sorts of subjects from cake, to football, to birds, to fish, to vegetables and on to fleas. There’s even a poem about a boy who was made of cheese, although there’s not a poem about hats. Sorry to all you hat fans out there, I will try to do better next time.

Publication Details:

Published: 27 September 2013
Book Type: Book
Book Format: Paperback/ebook
ISBN 13: 9783844268508

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