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Monster Small, Monster Big


Monster Small, Monster Big is a Curved House Kids MAKE-YOUR-OWN book. Inside this book there’s a great story by Keith Tilbury, but the book needs pictures! We need a creative kid to help us finish it. When you’re done you can give it to a friend, start a bookshop in your bedroom or upload a picture to Monster Small, Monster Big is the third book by writer and primary teacher, Keith Tilbury. Keith’s silly, energetic style is a winner with the kids and the book allows them to draw all kinds of monsters – big, small, near, far, flying a kite and wearing a spotty tie. The MAKE-YOUR-OWN series aims to empower and inspire children of all ages, all abilities and all learning styles. Our fun, tactile, dynamic method means children use their own ingenuity to develop three crucial elements of literacy: Vocabulary Reading comprehension Visual literacy 20p from the sale of every book will be donated by the publisher to Booktrust’s Children’s Reading Fund, to support children with addition needs.

Publication Details:

Published: 15 November 2013
Book Type: Book
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN 10: 0992730201
ISBN 13: 978-0992730208

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