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The Wozard of Iz


This book is about Pancho Tonto. He’s the Wozard of Iz and he’s rubbish at magic. His big rival, Diego Oscuro, is the Wizard of Iz. He’s good at magic. They both want to be the Royal Wizard of Iz, but to do so they have to travel to Mount Popotolutopu to fetch the Great Blue Ruby and save the King’s life. But it’s a dangerous and mysterious journey…will they survive their terrifying encounter with the Mighty Ilk? Will they outwit Inky Sue, the second most tattooed lady in the kingdom? Will they get back to the City of Iz in time to save the King? Well, have a read and find out.

Publication Details:

Published: 21 August 2013
Publisher: epubli
Book Type: Book
Book Format: ebook, paperback
ISBN 10: 1234567890
ISBN 13: 1234567890123

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