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I Used To Be a Horse!

Absolute Pony!

Yes, that’s right, I used to be a horse. The picture here is of me on a radio show back in 2011 before I had an operation to turn me into a man. As you can see, I was quite a remarkable horse. I could talk, fry an egg, brush my teeth, create simple bar…
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Did you know that St. Kitts is Spanish for Chicken Drumstick?


This is a picture of a country called St. Kitts and Nevis. The smaller island is Nevis and the bigger one is St. Kitts. I think we can all agree that St.Kitts looks very much like a chicken drumstick. I don’t have much more to say on the matter. There’ll be more of my ‘Countries…
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World Book Day!

It's that time of year again...time to read a book!

On March 5th and 6th (World Book Day) I was lucky enough to visit St. Catherine’s Primary School in High Barnet, where I met lots of lovely children who were full of fantastic and very silly ideas (That’s me on the left. I’m the one with not much hair). Thanks to Judy VdA for arranging…
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Where’s Brian the Lion?

It's only one of them poem things!

  This is Brian. He looks very cute and cuddly, but he is vicious. He eats all sorts of animals and doesn’t care what anybody thinks. He sleeps on my bed. Once he nearly ripped my head off while I was sleeping. It was a lucky escape. Here’s a poem about him.      …
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The Cat on the Hat

Dr. Seuss eat your heart out!

You’ve heard all about the Cat in the Hat, now comes the cat ON the hat! Meet Bruce, the new cat in my life. He’s one of those hairless Sphynx cats that normally inspire an ‘uuurgh!’ from people who see a picture of them, although he’s the loveliest and friendliest cat I’ve ever known. Because…
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Danny Champion of the World

Ploppy Head?

Monster Small, Monster Big

It's a picture book without pictures!

Yes, that’s right, you’re not mistaken, it’s a picture book without pictures. ‘But that’s stupid,’ I hear you cry. I disagree. It just means that the book is already written and the pictures have to be drawn by you! It’s a book of opposites with a difference and there’s a nice little surprise at the…
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Frankfurt Book Fair

Apparently, it's in Germany!

So, I was recently lucky enough to be asked by the good people at epubli, the company I publish with, to do a reading of The Wozard of Iz and the Great Blue Ruby at the Frankfurt Book Fair, which is the biggest book fair in the world! I also read some poems from my Poetry book…
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Healthy Eating!!!


Pictured is one of my favourite meals from when I was a younger version of myself (a little boy, just in case you were wondering). It’s a very healthy meal developed by extremely clever scientists during the 1970s: it’s not just tomatoes, it’s tomato sauce. It’s not just bread, it’s toast. ‘And then what do…
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It's a rude poem!

Well, well, well, three holes in the ground. It has been a long time since I got around to adding a new post to the blog, although nobody reads it anyway, so what’s the point? Actually, there is a point and that point is to let you know that after a long wait my book…
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