Some Wozardeers have already read and reviewed the book:

‘Is a great book for kids and adults alike. Once I started reading it I could not leave it alone. Characters are fantastic, loveable and you are left rooting for the good guys.’ – Matt

‘This was really funny, it suits all ages as there are many levels to it, my grown up children enjoyed reading it and were very impressed. We all recommend it.’ – Helen

‘I didn’t order Keith’s book because he’s my Spanish teacher I ordered his book because he’s a funny guy! He’s the new David Walliams, only cheaper. I was up every night reading chapter after chapter wondering what hilarious adventure was going to happen next. The only thing that disappointed me was that I finished it. Trust me, its worth it, so order it now!’ – Myles

‘I bought this book for my daughter who loves funny and adventurous stories and this didn’t disappoint. You are taken on a journey with the Machiavellian Diego Oscuro and the daft but loveable Pancho Tonto to discover and bring back the Great Blue Ruby to save King Moribund from death. On this adventure you meet some strange characters and enjoy the wonderful, but barking mad world Mr Tilbury has created. I loved reading it to her and she giggled all the way through it!’ – Hannah

‘It was Brilliant. The end of the chapters were really good, but I won’t spoil it for you. Funny, exciting and adventurous 🙂 I recommend it to people who like funny books. BBBBBBUUUUUUYYYYYYYYY IT!!!‘ – Nathan