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World Book Day!

On March 5th and 6th (World Book Day) I was lucky enough to visit St. Catherine’s Primary School in High Barnet, where I met lots of lovely children who were full of fantastic and very silly ideas (That’s me on the left. I’m the one with not much hair). Thanks to Judy VdA for arranging…
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Book week is coming!

Hello! So, there are exciting times ahead: as many of you children will know, it’s book week at the end of February. Well, I feel very lucky to have been asked to spend a day talking about my book, The Wozard of Iz and the Great Blue Ruby at Holly Park Primary School in Friern…
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Amazon reviews galore

So, 2013 eh? What’s that all about? That’s me being philosophical. If you ever want to be philosophical, just say ‘What’s that all about?’ and everyone will think you’re really clever, apart from people who are actually clever themselves and can see through you. Anyway, enough of that nonsense. I’ve been looking at the amazon…
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