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The Cat on the Hat

You’ve heard all about the Cat in the Hat, now comes the cat ON the hat! Meet Bruce, the new cat in my life. He’s one of those hairless Sphynx cats that normally inspire an ‘uuurgh!’ from people who see a picture of them, although he’s the loveliest and friendliest cat I’ve ever known. Because…
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Danny Champion of the World

Frankfurt Book Fair

So, I was recently lucky enough to be asked by the good people at epubli, the company I publish with, to do a reading of The Wozard of Iz and the Great Blue Ruby at the Frankfurt Book Fair, which is the biggest book fair in the world! I also read some poems from my Poetry book…
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Book week is coming!

Hello! So, there are exciting times ahead: as many of you children will know, it’s book week at the end of February. Well, I feel very lucky to have been asked to spend a day talking about my book, The Wozard of Iz and the Great Blue Ruby at Holly Park Primary School in Friern…
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The Wozard of Iz ebook is alive!

Hooray! After 5 years of writing and trying and rejections and all that other stuff that writers go through, I have finally decided to publish my own book. It’s called ‘The Wozard of Iz and the Great Blue Ruby’. It’s all about a rubbish wizard called Pancho Tonto who, no matter how hard he tries…
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