the wozard of iz keith tilburyJust in case you hadn’t realised, it’s a book. It’s got pages and words and chapters and all that kind of stuff, so if you didn’t realise it was a book, where have you been all your life

Anyway, it’s a story of how one man, Pancho Tonto, tried to save the King’s life and become the Royal Wizard by fetching the Great Blue Ruby from Mount Popotolutopu. However, Pancho is not the only one who wants to save the King’s life and become the Royal Wizard, oh no. Diego Oscuro wants a piece of the action too and he’s not a very nice man. Anyway, I’d like to tell you what happens on the journey, but that would give it all away wouldn’t it? I mean, if I told you all about Vince the Vegetarian, Lake Bangalang, Inky Sue, the ilk and the Yoga Ogre, you wouldn’t need to read the book would you?

So read it.